DOWNLOADS: If you’ve purchased a download from A.M.TuneShop , we guarantee we WILL deliver the file.  We have several ways to do this, so never fear: you will get the files you paid for. We do not issue refunds on downloads.  (It boggles the mind imagining how that would work!) If you have trouble with a purchase, please let us know!

If you purchase a download from other entities (iTunes,,, etc.) you are their customer, so please check their return/refund policies.

CDs: We guarantee all CDs and want you to be happy. So we will exchange any defective products, and pay the shipping.

LICENSED PRODUCTIONS: We do not abandon our customers after purchase. If you license a production of “WAiT – it’s a musical!” we will not butt in, but if you want help, just ask!  We can at least do the following:

1. Give you a template for color flyers that you can print & distribute,
2. Write a press release for you,
3. Submit a press release to your local press (US productions only.)