DOWNLOADS: If you’ve purchased a download from A.M.TuneShop , we guarantee we WILL deliver the file.  We have several ways to do this, so never fear: you will get the files you paid for. We  do not issue refunds on downloads.  (It boggles the mind imagining how that would work!)

If you purchase a download from other entities (iTunes, Rhapsody,, etc.) you are their customer, so please check their return/refund policies.

CDs: We guarantee all CDs and want you to be happy. So we will exchange any defective products, and pay the shipping.

LICENSED PRODUCTIONS: We do not abandon our customers after purchase. If you license a production of “WAiT – it’s a musical!” we promise to help you publicize it. We will not butt in, but if you want help we will at least do the following:

1. Create color flyers that you can print & distribute,
2. Write a press release for you,
3. Submit press release to your local press (US productions only),
4. Submit your performance data to relevant online event and calendar web sites,
5. Help you set up a way to sell tickets online (if applicable),
6. Give you a public web page until your performances are over.